Top 3 Best Hosting Companies for Starting a WordPress Site

Top 3 Best Hosting Companies for Starting a WordPress Site
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While starting a new WordPress blog or website, choosing an appropriate web hosting service is important. It can be a vital decision for your business, particularly when your website begins to grow in terms of traffic, size and popularity. A number of WordPress hosting companies have come to the fore, each of them winning a lot of acclaim and clientele across the globe. Know about the three hosting companies that stand at the top today, based on evaluation of features and services, personal experience and customer reviews, and find out which one is the best for starting a WordPress website.

InMotion Hosting

The hosting service began in 2001, and quickly earned became known as one of the most professional hosting service providers online. It is CNET Certified, with a solid 3 on 3 rating from the company. It is known for its super quick WP hosting solutions and high quality customer support service.


  • Free Domain Name – With every new InMotion web hosting account, you can avail a free domain. The offer can be availed at any time.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space – The bandwidth limit is one of the biggest issues faced while picking a hosting plan. The regular package of InMotion includes no limit to disk space and bandwidth.
  • Free Drag & Drop WP Website Builder – The website builder has useful drag and drop features that allow easy creation of mobile-responsive websites right from scratch. There are no hidden scripts or backlink installed in the builder.
  • Free SSD hosting – An SSD powered hosting makes your websites 300% faster. The load time of your website can reduce significantly, thus offering you a competitive edge in rankings. This drives more conversions and makes the website quicker for users.
  • Pre-installed WordPress – This is hosting for starters. Even for noobs or beginners, the hosting can be a good idea with WP pre-installed. The WordPress installation is one-click and free, with online help forums, full documentation and 24-hour customer support for further assistance.


  • InMotion hosting for WordPress makes its packages available for customers in every level – Pro, Launch and Power. While the Launch level offers shared hosting service to customers of any level, beginner or advanced, the Power level offers the most value for money package to customers for setting up a small business. The Pro level is designed for growing businesses as well as for developers. Each package comes at a different cost and is also offered at a discount.
  • The hosting agency also offers free marketing credits for Yahoo, Google and other websites. These are great for providing your website with a push in the initial stages.
  • The hosting plan comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. There is almost no downtime, which can save a lot of money and hassles for your business.
  • InMotion has a very easy cPanel interface that makes it easy for you to set up a new website, whether for business purpose or for personal use.
  • The Account Management Panel of InMotion looks professional, neat and user-friendly.
  • Its free website builder, known as BoldGrid, comes with free marketing content and free pre-loaded themes along with round the clock customer service. You can get 24/7 customer support for your website, and get all types of assistance – technical or otherwise. The drag and drop feature lets you simply drop the elements of your choice, and create an eye-catching website in a matter of minutes.
  • The one-click installation feature can be highly assistive for you, especially if you happen to be a beginner or lack years of technical expertise.
  • Unlike most other WP hosting agencies, InMotion Hosting offers 90-day money back guarantee period that lets you try the web hosting service, bandwidth limit, downtime etc. In comparison, many other hosting agencies offers money back guarantee for just 45 days or 30 days.


The hosting packages of InMotion Hosting are slightly more expensive than that of Bluehost.


This is the oldest web hosting agency, and was established way back in 1996. Its hosting service is optimized specially for WordPress, and WordPress itself has recommended Bluehost officially for the quality of its service. As one of the best hosting companies, Bluehost offers cheap WP hosting with a lot of support.


  • Free domain name – The service provider offers a free domain with every cheap hosting package for WP. While registering with Bluehost, it is possible to register a free domain name of your own.
  • Free website builder – The site builder comes with many fantastic themes to set up a WordPress blog with. The themes can be used to build simple single-page sites as well as full-fledged, sophisticated online stores with full payment options and product details page.
  • 1-Click WP installation – The built-in WordPress installation feature is a special content management system ability that lets you create your site within a few minutes. WP has robust plugins that can reduce the downtime and boost the reach of blogs or websites, and lets you quickly turn into an authority figure over the web. Whether you wish to set up an e-commerce store or a blog, you can benefit with the one-click installation feature of Bluehost.
  • 24/7 Support – Unlike many other WP hosts out there, Bluehost offers a round the clock customer support. Even if you lack the skills and experience to set up a website or blog, the customer support staffs can help you immediately with WP site creation.
  • Minimal downtime – With negligible downtime, you can be assured of your website / blog being up and running for almost all times.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee – Bluehost offers a 30-day money back guarantee to customers, to allow them to test the features and services of its hosting package plan for a month. You can test the uptime, load speed and smoothness of your website for enough time.


  • The hosting package comes with wonderful features that can provide you with the best assistance for setting up your website. The 3 shared standard hosting packages include Basic, Plus and Prime.
  • Affordability is one of the best reasons to opt for Bluehost, and has 3 low-cost packages on offer. The hosting packages are offered with a huge discount, which is exclusively offered to loyal visitors.
  • There are plenty of assistive features, including your own free custom domain, dedicated email addresses, FTP clients, options for migration and cPanel.
  • The free website builder is easy to use, and can let you create WordPress-based websites within a matter of few minutes.
  • The 24-hour customer support feature lets you deal with everything easily, and get the necessary assistance for setting up websites, solve your technical queries and obtain help when you are facing downtime or any other website issues.


The servers of Bluehost are a little slow, which means that your website load time is likely to be somewhat affected.


Siteground was established in 2004, and has slowly become one of the most trusted WordPress website hosting service providers in the world. It now hosts over 5, 00,000 domains, and its customer base is increasing every hour. It claims about having the newest high-speed technologies, innovative security solutions, fast server performance and quick speeds.


  • SuperCache technology – The SuperCache technology is set up on all the servers of Siteground. The servers retain an image of the most visited pages of your site in the cache. Thus, whenever a user comes to your website, it loads in seconds. This technology significantly reduces the load time and caters to more users simultaneously due to the hard drives having to bear minimal load.
  • Lifetime Free Domain – You can get a free domain for your website for lifetime, and not need to renew it every year along with your hosting package. As long as you keep using SiteGround, the free domain will be always free of cost for you.
  • Preset WordPress – WordPress is pre-installed in this hosting service, and you can start using this platform in a matter of minutes. If you are not really interested in setting up WP, you can opt out of the installation prompt that displays when the registration process begins.
  • Automatic Backups – The hosting service lets you retain automatic data backups for a minimum of 30 days. If your website faces some issues or is hacked, its entire functionality can be restored by the automatic backup wizard without even needing to get in touch with the customer support staffs.
  • 24/7 customer support – The company offers highly dependable customer support round the clock. You can get answers for your technical queries from experts who are available day and night. You can directly talk to representatives via phone, engage in a Live Chat session or open up an assistance ticket.


  • The hosting service has been recommended officially by WordPress due to its fantastic 24/7 customer support, super cache technology and automatic backups.
  • The minimal load time due to super cache technology can be an asset for your blog or website hosted on the useful WordPress platform.
  • It is easy to get assistance from the customer support team, and solve all your queries – technical and otherwise.
  • The automatic backup feature is one of the best things about this service provider, and you can be assured of the safekeeping of your precious website data even in case of hacking and other problems.
  • There are 3 website hosting packages for various users. It offers a startup package to starters. For customers who get about 1,000 visitors on their site, there is a regular hosting package. The basic plan comes with wonderful features, brilliant customer service and fast load speeds.


The renewal costs of Siteground are thrice as much as their registration cost.

WordPress Hosting Service Comparison – InMotion Vs Bluehost Vs SiteGround

  • Server Speed – The servers of InMotion hosting service are faster than those of Bluehost, but SiteGround gains an edge over the other two due to its SuperCache technology that improves the load speed of websites due to a web page image capture and saving in the caches.
  • WP Website Builder – All three hosting agencies have fantastic website builders. However, unlike Bluehost and SiteGround, InMotion has a more powerful and user-friendly due to its drag and drop features. You can easily create blogs and websites exactly from scratch by dragging and placing build elements into the layout. It is possible for you to create mobile-responsive websites as well. The WordPress builder does not have any hidden backlink or script.
  • Uptime – The InMotion hosting package comes with 99.9% uptime guarantee, as compared to that of the other two agencies. There is almost no downtime, which means that you can have your site up and running for almost all times.
  • Affordability – Each of the SiteGround packages is affordable in price, although Bluehost is a better option given that it is a little cheaper than SiteGround. The basic plan of Bluehost is also lower in cost than InMotion. On the other hand, InMotion proves to be a good option as it lets users open up two websites on its basic plan.
  • Money Back Guarantee – InMotion Hosting offers 90-day money back guarantee period, which contrasts with the 30-day money back guarantee period of Bluehost and SiteGround. The renewal rates of SiteGround are three times more than the signup costs at the hosting agency for users.


A proper comparison of the WordPress Hosting service providers indicates that Siteground is the best hosting for WordPress service provider among the three agencies. With competitive pricing, reliable quality of service, round the clock customer service, automatic backup, and minimal downtime, the hosting agency proves to be the best choice to create a new website and set up a new venture to earn top dollars. The fact that it has been officially recommended by WordPress itself makes it easier for you to take a decision in its favor.

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