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WordPress has revolutionized the world of website development. It ended the need for coding every aspect of the website. Instead, you can install a simple WordPress theme, and your website looks stunning at a single click. WordPress Themes also support drag and drop functionality. You can create different text boxes, insert pictures, and put hyperlinks in minimal time using the WordPress development platform.

Furthermore, selecting the right WordPress theme is crucial in determining the success of your website. Currently, thousands of WordPress Themes are available in different repositories. Each theme has its pros and cons, and differences can be notes in pricing, speed, and features. This article will discuss the ten best WordPress Themes that a user can choose from—the list focuses on themes that are useful for everyone, irrespective of their purpose.

Astra Theme

Creating a list of best WordPress themes and failing to mention the name of Astra is unfair. The theme ranks amongst the fastest loading WordPress themes. It is a multipurpose theme. Thus, users with any need or purpose can employ the theme to create their choice website. Usually, the Astra theme works well with blogs, eCommerce websites, and business portfolios. 

The theme comes in two different variants. The free version of Astra comes with multiple features that help you create a stunning website. This free version is suitable for testing purposes. Furthermore, WordPress themes also offer their free version to entice potential customers to buy their paid versions. The best WordPress themes, like Astra, have additional features in their pro theme. Astra Pro offers topography and color-changing facilities.

Similarly, the user can create very stylish headers if he upgrades to the Astra Pro WordPress theme. An additional feature of Astra Pro is the use of ready-made demo data. This data helps kickstart your site by providing an attractive, ready-made layout that the user can make changes to and adjust.

The paid version of one of the best WordPress Themes is available for only $59 per year. Additionally, the user can purchase a lifetime license for only a one-time payment of $249. Another benefit of the theme is regular updates. With over 600,000 active installs, the Astra community is powerful and active. Thus, they immediately report any bug or issues with any Astra updates. These aspects help maintain the speed and security offered by the theme. Similarly, the theme supports more than 100 different page builders as well. The only issue with the theme is that most of its best features are not available in the free version.


Stop your search for the best allrounder WordPress themes: you have found the champion. Divi is a unique theme as it comes with its drag and drops page builder. This feature is not matched by some of the world’s best WordPress themes. Essentially, Divi brings you to a new world inside WordPress. Divi’s amazing and convenient page building system dominates this world, which increases the ease and efficiency of WordPress development.

Divi offers a library of ready-made layouts to choose from. Interestingly, it offers separate premade layouts depending on the purpose of the user. On the other hand, skilled developed can avoid using premade layouts completely. It is fine if you wish to build each page of your WordPress website from scratch using Divi. A major benefit of custom builder WordPress themes like Divi is the ultimate level of responsiveness they offer.

Additionally, the user can access features like landing pages, social buttons, shops, and galleries. Developers who need specific functions added to their Divi theme can surf the internet. Multiple companies offer dedicated plugins to enhance the functionality of the Divi theme at affordable prices. Additional features may include an elegant team members display or the ability to create educational content with Divi.

Divi’s yearly license has a base price of $89, while the lifetime plan is available at $ 249 only. However, Divi offers multiple sales promotions all year round, which reduces the ultimate cost that the user has to pay. Additionally, one purchase of Divi allows unlimited legal installations and lifetime updates.


Best WordPress Themes offer maximum flexibility to the user without coding requirements. Ultra tops the list of WordPress themes offering multipurpose flexibility. The theme suits any website or blog. Additionally, the theme includes a basic drag and drop builder as well. This drag and drop builder works well wit the demo designs and layouts.

Moreover, the usage of the theme is simple. First, the user imports any of the WordPress Themes’ demo design and content. Then, the visual drag and drop builder added to the theme is used to adjust the demo layout to meet the user’s requirements. This technique reduces the stress and hard work involved in building WordPress websites from scratch. However, the flexibility of the theme is not limited to the premade layouts.

Additionally, Ultra allows potentially unlimited layout choices to the user.

Furthermore, the user may develop different sidebars with custom widgets. The theme has excellent social media integration and color schemes. All these features do not slow down the speed of the theme. It is still one of the fastest WordPress themes available in the market today.

The standard Ultra theme costs only $49 per year. This plan offers all 12 diverse website builder actions boosted by the theme. Thus, with the standard plan, the developer can build any website he wants. The theme is compatible with WPML and Google fonts as well.


Your business website or blog needs to consider the best WordPress themes before making their final choice. Never miss out considering Spencer in such considerations. The theme is simple yet stylish and boasts a modern look unmatched by many other premium WordPress themes. A unique feature of Spencer is the ability to add multiple widgets on the homepage. Usually, most WordPress themes allow the use of widgets on auxiliary pages. However, Spencer enhances this functionality to the first page seen by most visitors to your website.

Additionally, the WordPress theme includes a stylish full-width template. This template can still add any social media widgets or features of content discovered on the website. Furthermore, these crucial changes can be made to the website using the live customizer. Consequently, the user can avoid the issues of using drag and drop page builders with Spencer. Also, the theme avoids developing its page builder. Instead, users well-versed in any builder can use the same builder when developing their website with Spencer.

The developer community acclaims Spencer as a highly convenient blog development WordPress theme. Compatibility with plugins like Elementor, Yoast Premium, and WPForms makes Spencer the best combination for developing an amazing blog. The standard license of this plugin is 49 USD.


Indigo is the right WordPress theme if you prefer a modular approach to website development. The theme allows you to develop each aspect of your WordPress website separately. This feature reduces the complexity of WordPress development and helps the developer focus on one aspect. Additionally, its theme is multipurpose and meets the requirements of almost every niches.

The theme is notable for its elegant incorporation of WordPress forms at convenient places. Apart from these forms, Google fonts and maps are well integrated into the plugin. The user can also use built-in social sharing features to increase the marketing and viewership of their blog. These features do not increase the complication of the development process. Instead, the user can customize the website with the easy customization options included in the theme. These aspects make the theme suitable for first-time developers with minimal knowledge of professional WordPress development.

Indigo is one of Artisan Themes’ best WordPress themes. The complete theme package offered by the Artisan theme includes the plugin suite for the theme. Additionally, the price tag of $ 129 includes a complete year of updates and expert support with theme usage. The theme package’s extra plugins include advanced styles, artisan pages, and artisan portfolios, which enhances WordPress functionality. Additionally, the user may opt for the Deluxe package offering additional benefits.


This WordPress theme is the definition of attractiveness. The theme comes with multipurpose functionality, which allows for multiple beautiful designs created for different purposes. The user can create beautiful photo galleries and displays. Additionally, artists can use the theme to display their portfolio and illustrations in a novel manner. You may opt for a grid or direct layout. Furthermore, the theme’s minimalist design makes it the best choice for slow servers. It uses minimal server resources and can work at optimized speeds on low resource servers.

The homepage is widget friendly and offers multiple places for WordPress users to insert widgets. The widget-ready areas can use both built-in widgets with the theme or widgets with plugins from outside the theme. Additionally, the user can use any page builder they are comfortable with to develop the website under Hellomouse. Most of the website features are present in the theme customizer section, increasing WordPress website development’s pace and convenience. You also get to see a live preview of your WordPress website while changing the design options in the theme customizer with Hellomouse.

The theme supports a similar price tag to most other themes in this list. The standard package with yearly updates costs the user $ 49 per website. The theme is regularly updated. Thus, having the standard license is recommended to avoid bugs or issues with the theme.


Most best WordPress themes offer a parallax effect for their backgrounds and image holders. However, the Parallax WordPress theme takes the WordPress functionality a step further by bringing a modern and stylish look to each aspect of your WordPress website. The multipurpose theme supports the use of Parallax backgrounds anywhere on the website. The best place to use them is the homepage area. Here, the user can add a beautiful parallax background to the header section of the website. Usually, developers and photographers may use this feature to portray their portfolios.

Additionally, Parallax can be used for the creation of a single-page WordPress website. Such websites are preferred for portfolio and resume purposes. They also have a great ranking on search engines due to the lack of complications in their use. These features in Parallax are supported by the page builder and portfolio section added to the theme. Additionally, the theme supports the integration of social media platforms and the usage of different contact forms. You can use any custom widget in the theme’s dedicated widget display areas as well. Thus., powerful and stunning websites can be created in a matter of minutes with Parallax.

The Parallax Theme is expensive compared to many other themes on the list. The cost of the theme is almost $180 for one standard package. This aspect makes the theme unaffordable for never developers. However, advanced developers can purchase the theme at the given price tag to enjoy its numerous features.


As the name suggests, the Latest is one of the latest multipurpose WordPress themes. The theme involves amazing features to develop an eCommerce WordPress website and blog. Additionally, the latest is one of the best WordPress themes when it comes to magazine development. You can create any top-notch WordPress designs using the Latest. The theme’s active installations currently use it in magazines, business, eCommerce, and blog websites. The versatility of the theme increases manifold due to the many options it includes. Some of these options are not even visible to the user unless they use the WordPress theme themselves.

The methodology to develop a website with the Latest is unique and reduces the hassles of creating a WordPress website. The options include a complete setup guide. This guide acts as a comprehensive analysis and understanding of the theme’s features. As a result, the development process can be done faster by incorporating the tips and tricks given in the theme. The setup process is completely explained for first-time users.

The theme is currently offered on discount prices on different WordPress listings. You can also use a limited free version of the theme to test its features before making the complete purchase.


Anyone who wishes to make their online presence known to the world must opt for Presence multipurpose WordPress theme. This theme is the champion amongst WordPress themes when creating brand recognition in the online world. The theme is super flexible and has multiple designs already available for one-click demo import. These demo imports are not static. Instead, the color scheme and various specifics of each demo import can be changed by the WordPress user. Consequently, you can create any website that you require with presence.

The ready-made demos include ones that are dedicated to the Music industry and eCommerce platforms. The theme even has religious demos available. Thus, sites for churches and mosques can use the theme to avoid complications of WordPress development. The theme comes with a proper dashboard maintenance page and a live customizer. As a result, theme features can be used easily.

The starting price tag of the Presence theme is expensive compared to many other themes on this loss. The standard package comes for 55 USD, which includes one year of support and updates. However, given the tremendous features of the theme, the price tag is justified.


The final entry on this list cannot be any other WordPress theme except Loft. Loft redefines the gorgeousness and stunning effects of WordPress topographical features that many other themes lack to provide. You can increase the beauty of your WordPress website manifold by using the Loft theme. This theme has dedicated layout ideas for eCommerce websites, including dedicated checkout pages. Using Loft enhances the user experience manifold and gives them an amazing platform to work with.

You can also add a sticky navigation menu to ease the website use for your users. There is numerous call to action buttons, and team member displays are incorporated in the theme. Additionally, you can show your services and portfolio in a range of different built-in designs. All these features make the Loft the best choice for most developers. 

Interior designers can purchase the theme for only a price tag of $ 59. Although the price tag is higher than the general 49 USD, the additional features and various niche-specific ideas added in the theme makes it worth the price.


Best WordPress Themes is a subjective term and can include numerous themes based on their load speed, features, pros, and cons. This list summarized some of the most elegant WordPress themes that are used for multipurpose development. All these themes are lightweight, super-fast, and convenient. Thus, they can be the best choice to design your website. Good luck selecting from amongst them!

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