Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins

Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugins
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Laying the building blocks of your WordPress site is the key to flexibility, functionality, and adaptability. And Plugins are those blocks that extend these features of the website in regards to security, speed, contacts, SEO, social media, backups, etc. As more than 55,000 WordPress Plugins are available to choose from, it’s necessary that you pick the right ones for the benefit of your business.

Here are the top 10 essential WordPress plug-in to keep your site up-to-date.

1: Contact Form 7

One of the best Contact Form WordPress plugins is Contact Form 7. Available for free, this plugin will help you build unlimited forms for various fields. It supports features like Captcha, quizzes, and File Submissions, and all these are tied together with a minimalist UI interface.

With this, the user can create and manage multiple contact forms seamlessly. However, it might not be the optimal choice for beginners as custom CSS knowledge is required.

2: Yoast SEO

The most optimal WordPress plugin for Search Engine Optimization is Yoast SEO. Though it is a free plugin, you won’t see any functionality missing from it. If done right, it’ll boost your website traffic as per best SEO practices by aiding in generating sitemaps, meta tags, connecting to Google Search Console, social media, and much more.

Yoast SEO offers benefits like powerful redirection, internal linking, readability check, XML new sitemaps, etc. With all these functions, a disappointing aspect of this plugin is that it can be pedantic, and sometimes it’s not good at understanding intent.

3: Akismet

Developed by WordPress, Akismet is amongst the top WordPress plugins for spam protection. It offers advanced security free of cost by checking the URLs and eliminates the suspicious links. Akismet is brilliant in automatically monitoring all the comments and filtering spam.

This plugin has advantages like better privacy and GDPR compliance. Besides that, it also displays the list of approved comments. If you are handling more than 50k comments, you can purchase the premium plan starting from $5/month. The biggest disadvantage of this plugin is if a user is caught as a spammer mistakenly, it’ll be hard to comment on WordPress blogs again!

4: Wordfence Security

The risks of security attacks and the vulnerability of unprotected sites is not a secret. That’s why WordPress plugins like Wordfence Security are essential for a website. By installing it, you can significantly reduce the potential threats and security complications. With Wordfence, you will get dedicated features like checking core files, plugins, bad URLs themes, SERP spam, code injection, malware, and malicious redirects.

It will be a firewall that comes with pros like leaked password protection, advanced manual blocking, file repairs, and two-factor authentication. However, the site scan takes up a lot of bandwidth and slows down the site. To avoid this, you can buy the paid plans starting from $99/year for one site.

5: MonsterInsights

A website needs professional WordPress plugins for Google Analytics, and there is no better option for that other than MonsterInsights. Set it up with few clicks and gather up intel on your site performance. With critical features like real-time stats, Google Analytics dashboard, universal tracking, ad tracking, enhanced link attribution, etc.

You will get a detailed report of all activities like conversion rate, total revenue, top referral sources, products, audience, etc. It is a free plugin, but the features are limited. Hence, you will need to choose the paid plan as well for additional functions at $99.50/year.

6: WP- Rocket

One of the useful WordPress plugins to ensure high-speed and performance is WP-Rocket. It is a caching solution that will accomplish the goals effectively with features like enhanced user-end browser caching, integrating CDN, Cloudflare compatibility, etc.

While it is beneficial for database optimization and CSS minification, there is no lifetime membership for this plugin. It means you have to be careful with settings; otherwise, unintentional changes will be made. For better control, you can choose the single site plan at $49/year.

7: Smush

To have an optimal site, managing visual elements of the webpage is essential. Primarily used for image compression and optimization, using it will ensure that the website loads faster, no matter the size and quality of the visual elements. It offers advantages like optimizing multiple images with one-click, incorrect size detection, lossless compression, etc.

Among all the benefits, there is one drawback: a lack of control over the images. You will get the free trial for only seven days, and after that, the payment plan will start from $5/month.

8: UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is a valuable WordPress plugin for backups. It offers scheduled and automated backup solutions to a wide array of storage options, including Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Email, etc. It can close and migrate the site with backup to a remote location. Perform a complete backup of the site and restore them whenever you want. However, unless you go for the premium plan, you’ll be missing out on the best features. You can get the package starting to form $42/year.

9: Redirection

Having WordPress plugins for redirection is necessary to monitor the errors and broken links. With the Redirection plugin, you can redirect logs, source, device, etc. both automatically and manually. Furthermore, it is as best as the plugins can get because it is completely free of charge. So far, there are no complaints about this plugin, which makes it superior to others.

10: Migrate Guru

Another essential WordPress plugin that will come in handy is Migrate Guru. It is a specialized and fully-automated plugin meant for migration purposes. It offers one-click migration with no overload on-site or add-ons. Moreover, no storage space it requires and the built-in search and replaces mode will handle the migration task with minimal interference. It is also free to use. However, there is no support available for localhost or live website migration. So, you’ll need to handle those tasks yourself.

To Wrap Up

Here are ten essential WordPress Plugins that will ensure that your website holds all the necessary resources.

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