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Blogging is fun for many reasons. The first thing that is exciting about blogging is that this is the platform that lets you speak through writing your heart out, and communicate on a global platform. You can express yourself, share things and views, and can connect to a global audience through a simple hassle-free, and affordable technique. Moreover, there are more reasons to try blogging, and one of the major ones is money-making. Definitely connecting to the world, sharing your works, experiences, and views, and practicing your hobby, or trying to sell your product and ideas are great arenas to be explored! But making money straight from the blog is even more exciting for bloggers, as you can earn side by side as you practice writing. That’s why, people do take out time to learn how to start a blog, and eventually make it a hobby as well as a profession.

Before you start a blog

The first thing you must understand even before you start conceptualizing your blog is the requirement to do proper SEO and online marketing for it. That’s because just like a book writer would want the book to get published so that the world reads it, the blogger would also like to get the blog popular after publishing it online, so that target readers come to it and read it.
Therefore, to let people know about the existence of your blog, you must let it get a good position on the search engine results pages. And for this to happen, you must use optimum keywords on the blog while developing content for it. And this first stage of designing the content while keeping in mind the obvious requirement and approach towards online marketing is highly important. You must understand its significance so that you don’t waste time developing content, which would need further extra efforts and time on it to get it ready for optimization. You must start writing content with the prime requirement of optimization in mind, as this would be your most important step in making the blog popular and reach out to all target viewers.

The basic steps to start a blog

There are some basic and compulsory steps to start a blog. Here they are:

  • Choose a blog name, which would be there in the URL of your blog.
  • Register this name as the blog domain name, and then register for a hosting server to store your blog online and publish it.
  • Choose a theme for the blog for the layout of the content and its styling. This is purely for aesthetics and comfort of the eyes of the readers.
  • Finally, you get the blog ready to publish your first blog post, and then you can start posting.

Now these 4 steps tell you how to start a blog. Each of these steps needs to be done with some good amount of understanding of the implications of your choices.

Choosing the blog name

This is a crucial step. The blog name must be descriptive enough to tell viewers what the blog is about, or else at least must be interesting eye-catching, and/or easy to remember for readers. A descriptive blog name, which again is not too long, is a great help for the SEO of the blog site. If the blog name contains your main keyword, it would be a topping on the cherry. Getting the perfect name is not possible always, because a lot of names that you choose are found out to be taken and booked already by other users. Therefore this takes a bit of time and searching to finalize a good blog name.

Registering the blog name

Searching and then registering happens altogether in one place. This is done on a domain name registration site. There are individual websites giving the domain name registration service. And then again, there are hosting server services, which also offer domain registration services alongside. You may choose any as per your convenience and proceed with the blog name registration. As you would enter a name to register, the service would immediately show if the name is available for registration or has already been taken. This way you can search first, and then register the name which you think is fit and available too.

Buying the hosting

If you have a blog site, you will have to book a space for the site in a hosting server, to keep your files online, available round the clock. That’s how people globally can see your site as files of the site get fetched by the user’s computer from the hosting server. This would require paying the hosting fees. The hosting fees vary from server to server because of the server brand value, hosting plan, bandwidth, plan duration, etc. You will have to analyze how much of bandwidth your blog may require, and accordingly, choose a convenient hosting plan from the several web hosting options available.
In case you are not ready to get paid hosting, you may start a free blog with leading blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Typepad etc.

Working on the blog appearance

A blog would initially be a plain white webpage unless you add a theme and some content to it. The job of a theme is to stylize the appearance of the blog, give it a certain layout to fit contents, menus, sidebars, headers and footers etc, and add more elements and widgets to the blog as you may need in the future. You can get paid or free themes as you prefer.

Choosing the blog topic

This is vital that you choose one such blog topic which is your expertise as well as something which blog readers look for. Popular themes like movies, celebs, news, finance, travel and tourism etc. works well in blogging. For this you may look for how to start a travel blog, and get precise ideas.


SEO and social media marketing are two vital wings which helps a blog grow and soar in popularity over time. Therefore while blogging with all your research and creativity, you must equally emphasize on these two things to grow.

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