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You may have heard from many sources that people do blogging for money. With a few successfully running and popular blogs in their kitty, many people have turned their career path from being a salaried individual to a blogger, and an entrepreneur or self-employed person. This can be your story too. You may also start a blog, and then a few blogs eventually, as you learn how to make money blogging.

Here is an easy to understand guide, which would tell you, how to make money through blogging, as many other successful bloggers are doing around the world. Now obviously there are more than one ways to make money with blogging. Here are discussed the all the working ways. While some of them are more popular and yields faster results, many are good to practice for long term success.

Running advertisements

That is the simplest way to start talking about it. You will have to start running advertisements on your blog. There are two popular types of ads you may show on your blog. They are:

  • CPC or PPC- Cost per click or Pay per click ads are ads shown on your blog, at your predetermined places or positions on the webpage. You get paid for each click an ad gets, by a viewer while being displayed on the blog.
  • CPM- these are cost per 1000 impression system ads. This means, the blogger gets a fixed amount from the advertiser when an ad gets 1000 clicks.

In the both the above cases, the blogger gets paid for clicks made on all ads displayed on the blog, after waiting for a certain time. This waiting time to get the payment varies from blog to blog. This depends only on how fast the ads get viewed, which again depends on how much the blog is viewed.

There are a few factors which affect the revenue generation speed in this case. One factor is the popularity of the blog, and the next is the placement and position of the ads. If the blog is made popular through several digital marketing practices and SEO practices, then you can expect more views of it. And if the ads are placed on the blog at the right places, to attract eyes of the viewers, then only the whole idea would click aptly. That’s how you can make money swiftly through this monetization process.

For placing ads, the most popular source is Google Adsense, where you have to open an account to get the code for placing ads on your blog. There are other similar advertiser sites like, Infolinks etc.

Set ads from private advertisers

If your blog gets enough popular, then you can get contacted by advisers directly to show their ads on your page. You may also contact advertisers directly on your own, when you have a good popularity of your webpage. In both the cases, you can get payment directly from the private advertiser without having to share the pay with any middle man. That’s why this can fetch you higher earnings at your own terms and rates.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a well proven technique to earn some revenue from blogging. This works in a simple way. A business selling their product online requires affiliate marketers for them. The job of the marketer is simply to lead prospective customers to the website of the business through ads. As the blogger you will have to place ads of the business on your blog. If viewers click on the ad, and get directed to the product page, and buy it, then you get a commission from the business. That’s how you become an affiliate marketer for the business. So that the business can track which customer came through which affiliate, they would give you your unique affiliate referral code. This code would be embedded on the ads shown on your page. This would tell them if the customer came through your blog or not.

Affiliate marketing helps earn good revenue. You can get associated with multiple businesses and become their affiliates to earn though multiple sources.

Make your blog your own online shop

Can you make money blogging if you have your own product? Yes, you can. If you have your own product, which you are selling on some online shopping site like Amazon, ebay etc, then you can write about the product on your blog. You can market the product on your blog, and do enough content marketing for that product through frequent helpful blog posts. This way also you can make money blogging.

Whether you take the help of another site to sell your product, or directly sell it, you can both ways make money from your blog by content marketing for your business.

Selling memberships

If a membership is of any help people would buy it on requirement. If you have a product and a related forum for your customers to interact, then you may make money by selling memberships to the forum through your blog. Likewise, you can sell memberships for monthly or weekly advises on certain things, tips and tricks etc.

Understanding the basics

If you want to understand how to make money blogging, then the mere understanding of the above methods would not be enough to start. The thumb rule of digital marketing is to focus on the content. A blog is all about content fundamentally. If there is a good, interactive, reasonable, meaningful, helpful, and interesting content on a blog, which is unique, and adds to the readers’ experience in some way, then the blog is a good platform to make money.

Developing quality content

You can make the readers come to your blog, stick on the page, read things, and eventually take interest on the displayed ads and finally click on them, only when your blog would be appealing enough to the target readers. Here are some tips to develop quality content, which one must know while learning how to make money blogging.

  • You must research well before getting your content developed, so that you know the mid p your target readers. Readers anticipate a few things from the content they read. The more you understand their mind, the better you would be in developing quality content. And the social media is a great source to understand what reads look for.
  • As you research social media sites, forums, and discussion boards to understand what your readers are looking for, you also should check through your competitors’ blogs. This way you would know the content types of the most popular competitor blogs, and can develop something even better.
  • Content must contain all important keywords and all long tail keywords which you would need to attract the attention of the search engine spiders to your content. Without proper and optimal use of keywords, you are going to reach nowhere.
  • Content must be factually correct. There is no place for inaccurate, misleading, and wrongfully factual content. People do look for content which they can believe on.
  • The content must be engaging. Boring contents do not get eyes on them for long, and soon readers drift away. It must be interesting and have an interactive tone to give readers a feel of constant connection.
  • The content must be unique. You cannot copy or steal content from elsewhere on the web, or from some famous book. You must create your own unique content, which is not plagiarized. You may do your own research, or curate the content from places to make a fresh unique copy, but copying is hardly penalized by Google and leasing search engines.

Interact more through the web

It’s not the blog only, where you need to spend most or all of your time. You need to allocate much of your time in social media interactions and activities. That’s because, the social media would bring you close to more readers. You must try and increase your interactions in various public platforms, forums and social sites to make your blog popular, and get in touch with advertisers. This way, you can bring your blog more exposure with time.

Significant ways to popularize the blog

While you work on your blog, you must create supporting contents for the blog. If you create supporting contents like video content etc, it can help you get more viewers to your blog site. Bloggers also create more supporting blogs, all interconnected to each other through outbound links. Also mention of the blog in other important authority sites through proper organic SEO, and some legit link exchange programs helps.

The main idea is to popularize the blog so that you get more viewers who can click on the ads and affiliate links and help you in blogging for money.

Final Words

Blogging can help you make good amount of money if you master the art to make high quality content and do proper digital marketing, social media marketing, and SEO for that. This will help you get good traffic to your blog, and then the monetization arrangement done for the blog would help you earn well.

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