How Do I Become a Blogger?

How Do I Become a Blogger
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The perception about professional career has changed these days than what it was, even in the recent past. You might be earning extravagant monthly salary per month, or you might earn some very decent amount from your business and profession. However, if your job or business does not offer you creativity and doing something that is exciting and trilling, you will be able to motivate yourself for long. Hence, people these days look for such career engagements that are exciting from the income potential, as well as offers ample of challenges and thrills. In that regard, career as a blogger is highly sought-after these days.

This career is so appealing that you will even find people quitting their existing jobs, and starting blogging, and reporting that they are highly satisfied with their job, and they are earning is very high amount. So, you can very well consider stepping into their footsteps. If you can do the right things in the right manner and in the right time, you can certainly consolidate your professional career into blogging. In addition to standing decent income opportunities, you can expect for prestige, respect as well as recognition on a global arena for sure.

The question that will come up in this regard is that, how to get started with blogging. As obvious with any other career choices, you need to take the right steps to get started, and remember, you should be flexible enough to cope with the changing times and situations. If things are going in the right manner, within a fair extent of time, you will be able to consolidate your career as a blogger, and you will certainly enjoy this innovative career that is exciting and offers you ample chances to test your creativity and doing something that will benefit the mass.

What are the attractions to start a career as a blogger?

Especially, if you are trying the career of a blogger for the first time, you would have some concerns about the potential in this career as well as you will wonder, why should you take up this profession. Well, there are ample of reasons for which you might walk along this line, some of which are discussed as follows:

  • Today, Blogs are the among the key sources for the mass to gather the necessary information. Hence, they keep looking for the blogs, and coming across an engaging and worthy blog, they will always hand around these sites. For example, the foodies, keep looking around the Food Blog to explore new recipes or information about the cuisine from all around the globe. They will always turn to the popular blogs on cuisines to gather the information they need. So, there is always a decent extent of web traffic looking for your site. You simply need to serve them exciting, authentic and engaging content to earn their attention ,and if you can do that, they will surely stay hooked to with your site. Thus, finding the web traffic is not a big deal.
  • As a blogger, you have the best chances to uphold your thoughts and perception about any topic before the world. Assume, you are a fashion designer and you start a Fashion Blog; then, you can express your thoughts and fundamentals about fashion before millions of people from all around the globe. Likewise, blogging is one of the best ways to communicate with like minded individuals. You will find the celebs from various domains taking up blogging these days, and it enables them to stay connected with their fans.
  • You can do something that can benefit millions of people from all around the globe. For instance, assume you have started a survival blog that will enable you to guide people, finding it difficult to sustain their life in a pleasant and comfortable manner. Nothing can be as exciting and consoling than doing something that benefits the mass.
  • The best part is, as a blogger, you stand potential for very high income from online sources. Likewise, you can even ask for the payment of some sort of membership fees from the traffic or subscription fees. They will certainly not mind to pay these fees, provided your blog is worthy of their money.
  • Now, once the key reasons for getting into blogging have been discussed, comes the time to discuss about the steps to start a career as a blogger. Paragraphs underneath shall offer you the necessary guidance in that regard that will make it easier for you to get started.

Now, once the key reasons for getting into blogging have been discussed, comes the time to discuss about the steps to start a career as a blogger. Paragraphs underneath shall offer you the necessary guidance in that regard that will make it easier for you to get started.

1. Decide about the theme of the blog

The first and foremost activity to get into, is to decide on the theme of the blog. Remember, the audience will have more interest for the blogs that are on some particular themes than the general blogs. In this regard, you should always opt for the themes and topics that comes within your areas of interest. For example, you should get into the knicks blog and/or the lakers blog, if such concepts come within the areas of your interest. When you pick the topics and themes that appeals to you, you will automatically feel motivated to work hard, which is one of the inevitable conditions to attain success as a blogger. Picking a topic or a theme don’t appeal to you personally, you will not be able to drive yourself for long to work along this line.

2. Decide about the right Blogging Platform

Once you have decided on the theme and the concept of your blog, comes the time to decide about the blogging platform. If you have to attain success as a professional blogger, this step comes with immense significance for you. No matter you have decided to start a Disney Blog, or you aspire to blog on some other themes, a robust and effective blogging platform will be the key factor beyond your success.

The blogging platform should be chosen, considering its robustness, as well as its capacity to accommodate the volume of traffic. Likewise, you should opt for those blogs that offer you some worthy resources and tools to optimize the blog, and managing the blog is not a challenging task. Similarly, consider the user-friendliness of the platform for you as well as for the traffic, so that they can be given the best user experience on the site.

Another very important point to consider is the operating speed of the blog. You should pick a platform that takes the minimum time to load and is stable and compatible with the majority of the operating systems and browsers. This will ensure that the traffic face no difficulties in accessing your blog, or surfing through the site. If you have to win the heart of the traffic, you need to do that on the first impression itself.

Today, WordPress is the first choice for the Bloggers, and considering the worthiness of this platform, this demand and popularity seems to be obvious and justified. In addition, you can consider options like Blogger and Tumblr that are other popular choices among the bloggers from all around the globe. The right choice of the blogging platform is one of the fundamental factors beyond your success in this profession.

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3. Free Alternatives or Self-Hosting?

Should you opt of the free ones, or pick a Paid one from the word go. Though, the paid versions will fetch you some worthy additional features and benefits than what you get in the free hosting options, however, don’t assume that these free hosting options are completely unworthy. Especially if you are on a restricted budget, opting for the free stuffs really make a good sense. If you aspire to take up blogging, beside your usual profession, you can certainly opt for the free hosting options, at least during the starting phase.

Now, before you decide to opt for the free hosting options, keep in mind that, you will never own the blog, as you are basically using someone else’s premises to occupy yourself. On the other hand, you will get complete ownership of the domain, when you opt for self-hosting.

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Likewise, with the free hosting services, you will never get the domain on your personal name, as it happens with self-hosting. Another very important point to consider is that, with Self-hosting, you will get more and more limits, and your blog will have the capacity to accommodate the largest volume of web traffic at one time.

Another great reason to pick the self-hosting option is that, you will have more options to customize its layout and design, making the blog completely stand-alone. Such blogs take the minimum time to attract the attention of the target audience, and thus, you will be able to consolidate your engagement with the mass within the minimum time, and putting the least effort.

Thus, opting for the self-hosting plans is a really good move, provided you are picking the right plan and it offers you the necessary support and comes within the extent of your spending plans.

4. Selecting the right design for your blog

After you have accomplished the tasks stated above, comes the time to perform the most important task, which is finalizing the design and the appearance of the blog. The chances of success for any blogger are majorly dependent in this regard, and hence, you cannot ignore the importance of this point. Ensure that you are picking a design and a theme that gives the right impression about your personality and the spirit of your blog. Likewise, you need to consider the probable likings and the choices of your target audience. Opt for the designs and the layouts that will appeal to them the most. This is a simple way to ensure their engagement with your blog.

One thing that should be kept in mind, while deciding on the design and the layout, a blogger should pick the ones that compliment the theme and the topic of the blog itself. For example, the appearance of the makeup blog cannot be similar to that of the personal blog, or blogs that are themed on any other topic. The slightest mismatches in this regard will take the minimum time to churn out the traffic from the blog, as the right selection always ensures the optimum engagement with the blog.

As a matter of a trick in this regard, the design of the blog should be decided in a manner that the interface stays the most simple. It will ensure that the traffic can surf around the blog with ease, and they never face any hassles in navigation across the site. This is the simplest yet the most effective way to ensure that the users are making the best user experience on your site, which is the key factor to secure their engagement with the blog.

5. Identify your target audience and take measures to secure their engagement with your blog

Though, billions of people are using the web domain on a daily basis, don’t assume that all of them will be the right audience for you. If you have to consolidate your blog, the most important thing to do is to identify your target audience, and your presentations should be in a manner that appeals to them, serve such information that add value for those flocks, and they get the information that they are looking for. Identify the likings, choices, as well as disliking of your target audience, and you will have to do justice to these points.

The tricks and tips suggested above will enable you to become a successful blogger, if you are sticking to these guidelines and working according to these plans. Encourage the audience to rate and give feedback about your blogs, and about the content you are publishing. Subsequently, work on the areas that really needs improvements, and this will earn you the faith and confidence of your target audience within the minimum time.

Give a try to blogging today, and with an honest approach, it will not take you long to taste success in this domain.

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